The Kids Love It

My child can barely walk – should we be teaching him/her tennis?

Tennis lessons for toddlers are the best way to get your child active and happy in no time! We may think that starting toddlers off on something as vigorous as tennis is no good for them, but the exact opposite is true. Tennis helps toddlers develop strong motor skills and is an excellent way for them to hone their hand-eye coordination. This is especially important as during this period of time, their muscles are still developing and tennis is a great way for them to learn and grow. Also, what better way to let your little dynamite bundle expend his or her energy by letting them run around the court!

Running and firing volleys and backhands – not toddler stuff!

Our little bananas are precious to us, so we are definitely not going to make them run around and do things that the larger bananas do. We want them to play and have fun in a safe environment, while at the same time teaching them the basics of hitting a ball. This trains their eyes to track a moving target, which helps them develop good hand-eye coordination and leads to a more alert and active little banana! Take the iPad out of their hands and put a racquet in it, and we guarantee your little one will love it!


How can it benefit my child?







What is the age range for the toddler class?

We are specially catering this category for children between 4 to 5 years old.

What will be taught in the lesson?

Our approach to coaching young kids is to let them have fun. So that they can relate tennis to fun and vice versa. We will introduce them to racket handling, fundamental motor skills, hand-eye coordination, object/implement handling and very basic tennis techniques.

Our aim is to develop the love of sports in your child and having fun while they learn basic motor skills. To manage your expectations, your child will not suddenly be able to play a game of tennis. Time and patience are heavily required.

Where do you hold your toddler tennis lessons at?

There are 2 places that we can hold the toddler lessons:

  1. At a tennis court that you can get access to.
  2. At the comfort of your own home. (If you have access to a large enough space, we will bring down the necessary equipment to your place to hold the session.)
Coaching Fees

1 Session duration: 30mins

Lessons  @ Public Tennis Courts / Condominums
Coaching Fees
Individual: SGD360 for 4 sessions
Pair: SGD440 for 4 sessions
Group: SGD200 for 4 sessions/pax

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