Don’t just take it from us, hear what our students have to say about experiences with our lessons!

I am currently a student studying at NUS. Being someone who wasn’t sporty to begin with, I wanted to stretch myself and learn a new sport! That was probably how I derived the motivation to learn tennis. I chose tennis because I enjoy watching tennis matches!

Overall, my lessons with Banana Tennis have been very enjoyable! On top of being highly adept at tennis, my coach has a deep understanding of the different learning styles and was able to tailor his lessons to best fit mine! Moreover, whenever we are seemingly met with an impasse, the coach was patient and would keep trying out different approaches to facilitate my learning. Most importantly, my coach was able to make the lessons enjoyable and each lesson ended with me feeling more motivated and excited for the next!
I started out as a complete novice but having been through several lessons with Banana Tennis, I was able to see some real progress. I am now more confident and motivated to continue pursuing my interest in tennis!
I would definitely recommend Coach J/Banana Tennis to anyone interested in learning tennis!

Wei Ze

Medical Student, NUS

Currently a flight attendant, I have irregular schedules and Banana Tennis offers tennis classes to fit my schedule! From having no idea how to hold a tennis racquet, till now being able to perform basic skills in under 2 months, I’m pretty happy with the progress! Banana Tennis provides us with a fantastic coach that is patient, dedicated and aims to make every session productive and fun for us! I love how encouraging he is too! I’ve already recommended Banana Tennis to some of my friends, and if you’re looking to pick up Tennis – this is the place for you!


Air Attendant

I’m currently a student that is still pursuing my degree. I chose to engage Banana Tennis as I was keen on learning tennis as an interested and as a form of exercise to keep fit. It has been a good experience working with Banana Tennis so far as the coach is good and tackled every students’ weak point. I used to be a beginner in school with trouble even hitting the ball but now I’m able to execute proper strokes to hit the ball over the net albeit with more control. I will recommend Banana Tennis to anyone.


Student, NUS

My name is Karunakar and I work as a consultant in the IT industry. I’ve decided to engage Banana Tennis as their new concept of teaching tennis and allowing you to learn at your convenience and at your own pace by grouping people from similar locations together.

My experience working with the coach provided by Banana Tennis was awesome as his approach to coaching tennis for beginners all the way from basics such as holding the racquet and how to land a proper serve made our tennis learning journey much more smooth.

I’ve never played tennis before but now I can understand how it’s played and I can participate with friends who knows how to play tennis. I would definitely recommend Banana Tennis to anyone who wants to learn tennis!


Consultant, IT industry

My Friend and I wanted to pick up tennis again after not playing for a long time. Banana Tennis was easy to work with and quickly connected us with a coach who could tailor the training according to our level. It’s now been two months and I look forward to the classes every week. The coach is easygoing and approachable, and he makes classes tough but fun too. I will definitely recommend Banana Tennis to others!


IT industry

I’m Henry and I work as a financial consultant in the insurance & finance industry. I came across Banana Tennis when I googled for tennis lessons as the process to sign up was easy and hassle-free, their replies to my queries were prompt too!

The experience with Banana Tennis were great as lessons were always punctual and individual attention was given required even though it was a group lesson. I started out new to the sport but now I’m able to play and rally with a few friends. In fact, I have already recommended a few of my friends to Banana Tennis and will definitely recommend others as well!


Financial Consultant, Prudential

I really enjoyed my time learning and improving my tennis at the same time. Every session was a fruitful and fun session! I chose to engage Banana Tennis because I was looking to improve my tennis game, chanced upon the website and decided to give it a shot.
Before, I was inconsistent with my groundstrokes and was poor with my court coverage. But now, with Coach J, I’ve learned how to move on court effectively and efficiently while improving the consistency of my groundstrokes.
I would absolutely recommend Banana Tennis to others!
Xin Ying


It has a been a fun and pleasant experience with Banana Tennis Academy so far. Lessons were well-thought through and the coach has been fun, encouraging and friendly.
I’ve played competitive tennis in JC and hall in my university, as a singles player. Before, I was playing primarily as a base-liner and would always grind out a point in rallies staying back. Now I’ve learnt how to include attacking play into my range of tennis and finish a point at the net.
Without question I would recommend this academy to Tennis players!


Had my first official tennis lesson with Banana Tennis Academy today. Banana’s coach came with five dozen balls and rackets so that was a plus. Coach was informative and helpful on how I could overcome my tendacies to use a table tennis stroke through the follow through. Will book again for more lessons!

Kelvin Leong

Financial Consultant, Finexis Advisory

I signed up with Banana Tennis Academy via a friend’s recommendation and it has been an appeel-ing experience thus far. The coach is friendly and very encouraging during lessons!
I’ve been both a state player in Malaysia and a varsity representative in Singapore so it was nice to be able to find a someone who can serve both as a Coach and a sparring partner. I used to struggle with consistently on big points but after learning some mental techniques in preparation to matches, I feel more confident and patient when it comes down to closing out the big points in games now.
I would absolutely recommend Banana Tennis to others!


Coach J from Banana Tennis Academy is a patient coach. He is flexible in adjusting his coaching techniques to suit the learning needs of my daughte, Joyce.  I chose to engage Banana Tennis Academy as they were friendly and professional in their services.

My girl was totally new to tennis, after lessons with coach J, she’s able to at least hit some shots over the net now.
I would recommend Banana Tennis Academy to my friends because of their fun and patient coaches!

Joyce (Magdeline's daughter)


Great lesson! I really had a good hit 🙂 Will definitely recommend the coaches and have more lessons! Benjamin Samuel Lim

Army Regular, SAF

The coach was very patient and professional during the lesson! The lesson was fun and interactive too. Jing Yun

Student, NTU

I started lessons with Banana Tennis Academy a few months back and it has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience! Apart from conducting lessons in a structured manner and being able to tailor the lessons to each individual’s pace of learning, our coach is very patient and has a dictionary-full of analogies to liven up the lessons. I would definitely recommend Banana Tennis to all who wishes to try out the sport! Jie Yee

I’m re-learning tennis and with Banana Tennis, I feel I am learning it with the right foundations. Our coach is very observant and vocal about how we are doing and notices every little detail. This helps us sharpen our senses and there is significant progress with every lesson. It’s also not based on a set lesson plan but customised according to our pace, with increasing levels of difficulty. It’s challenging but fun! The principles are taught strategically in a way that helps us remember the techniques and the reason behind them, and demands that we do every move correctly. I gave up on tennis before but with this round of lessons I feel I can actually get somewhere and learn to play consistently and with skill. It’s a difficult sport to learn especially in my old age haha so I’m glad I’m learning it with these guys. Janina

Graphic Designer, ROHEI Corporation

I found out about Banana Tennis on Instagram and decided to give it a try after reading some positive reviews. Trainings have been fun and there’s something always new to learn from the coach. It has been a truly great experience!

I have been playing competitive tennis for awhile but I feel more confident with my tennis strokes now. I struggled a lot with inconsistency but in a couple sessions with Coach J, I’ve made some adjustments to my swing and am happy to see significant improvement in my consistency.
Would I recommend Banana Tennis to others? My answer is 2 thumbs up! ??


I love tennis! I have a great teacher. With the coach I learned lots of things about tennis. Eva Duflos

Student , Lycée Français de Singapour | Lycée French School

My name is Evelyn Kwek and I work in a Consulting Industry. I was looking for tennis coaching for my 2 girls, 9 and 11yrs old, and I saw good reviews of Banana Tennis on social media along with the flexibility in coaching time provided played a part in my decision to engage them.

Banana Tennis provided a wonderful experience as the coaches provided were prompt, responsible and responsive. All the feedback that the coach provides after each coaching session was very detailed and helpful to my knowledge of my girls’ tennis development.

My girls started out totally new to tennis but now they are able to read the bounce of the tennis ball well, rally together with the coach and hit using proper strokes.

I would definitely recommend Banana Tennis to others!

Evelyn Kwek

Managing Director, Great Place to Work Institute

My son has been learning from Banana Tennis/Coach Z for the past two months. My son is 9 years old and this was his first serious effort to learn tennis. Right from the first class, he started enjoying the coaching imparted by Coach Z. The main reason was Coach Z’s attitude, easy demeanour and striking a rapport immediately with my son. While he stoops down to my child emotional level to bond with him, he also ensures that he gets the best out of my son and his assessment of my son’s game and capability is spot on.I have seen a marked difference when my son started out and his current level.

I have even increased my son coaching to twice a week from once a week due to the level of interest shown and he eagerly anticipates his training session. I would highly recommend Coach Z/Banana tennis to anyone interested.


My experience with Banana Tennis Academy have been good, well organised, very friendly coach, able to adjust and rally as I requested
Saw the advert on the website and decided to give them a ring. Used to play with a coach previously who then left the country, needed to find another professional coach and Banana Tennis Academy paired me with a great coach!
I would recommend you to other people for sure.

Anjam Khursheed

University Professor

Dear Banana Tennis Academy,
Thanks for assigning a great coach to my son. The coach is able to motivate and inspire him. My son enjoys his lessons with him.
Before engaging the service Banana Tennis, my son was taking private tennis lessons with a freelance tennis coach. We didn’t see much improvement after a year and a half with the coach. As such, we decided to change the coach.
I contacted a few tennis schools and Banana Tennis was one of those that I called.  They were very responsive and managed to match a coach for my son within a short period of time.
My son has been training under Coach S for the past 3 months and I have seen great improvement.
Karin (Joel's mum)

My Banana Tennis coach is excellent with clear goals set out at the start of each lesson. I’m currently building on my singles game, each week my tennis is improving as a result. My coach overhauled my entire game and keeps things upbeat and interesting. Banana Tennis you rock!

Dane Branagh

I’ve taken 4 paired classes with Coach J and felt like I’ve learned a lot in such a short time. J is comprehensive and methodological in his approach to training. He has a great understanding of technique and shares them with us through clear instructions and precise break-downs of each technique, which I’ve found very useful. He is also very encouraging and friendly, and makes training a fun experience.
I had no experience with tennis but wanted to pick it up as a form of exercise in my free time. After a few lessons, I feel like I understand the techniques and footwork required for beginners.
I would absolutely recommend Banana Tennis to others!


I truly enjoyed my time with BT, it has been a pleasant experience thus far. Chose to engage BT to improve my tennis game after having not played in a while and was looking for a top quality sparring partner to shake the rust off

I’ve always played competitive tennis, less so now as I’m starting to settle into my new job and it’s been hard to find a regular timing and hitting partner to maintain my level of tennis. However, with Coach J’s flexible timing and high level of tennis I’ve been able to find the right hitting partner.

Coach J is a very patient and encouraging coach. He gives good tips and advice which has helped me gain more confidence in my tennis game, and also helped me work on improving my backhand

Would definitely recommend Banana Tennis!



My name is Angela and I work as a Senior Technologist in the food industry. I decided to to engage Banana Tennis because I wanted to learn tennis and they were first on the top searches.

It was a very good experience working with Banana Tennis as the location and schedule of lessons is very convenient for me, lessons are always fun and interactive!

I started as a newbie, not knowing how to hold a tennis racquet but now, I know how to play although I still have a lot to improve on.

I have already recommended Banana Tennis to my friends and I would definitely recommend them to anyone else!


Senior Technologist , Food Industry

I work as an internal auditor in the banking sector. I was looking for tennis lessons and Banan Tennis was one of the hits when I googled. They looked quite good so I decided to try engaging them, which turns out to be simple and fuss-free process without much administrative work. Best of all, their responses were quick.

I started as a beginner before but can now strike better with the correct techniques and footwork after learning with Banana Tennis. I would definitely recommend them to people who want to learn tennis as they provide a simple process to bring easy-going and flexible coaches to you!


Internal Auditor, Banking Sector

I’m currently working in the Capital Market Industry as a finance and compliance officer. I decided to engage Banana Tennis to learn a new sport and it has been very helpful. The coach made the lessons easy to understand the basic skills required and I feel that my basic tennis skill has improved from prior to taking classes. I will definitely introduce my friends who want to start tennis to Banana Tennis!

Chris Youm

Vice President, L Catterton Asia

I decided to go for tennis to help me get fit and lose some weight. I chose Banana Tennis Academy because it is very reliable and responsive whenever I have any questions or doubts.
My tennis skills were just at beginner level when I first started off and I didn’t expect that I could improve that much. With my Banana Tennis, Coach J’s guidance, my tennis skills has gradually improved. He is very encouraging and lots of fun to learn from.
I strongly recommend Banana Tennis Academy and especially Coach J to be your tennis coach!
Ping Loh


I am very happy that the team from Banana Tennis quickly identified my weak points and have been consistently working with me to fix them. Great drills and game play tips. Recommended.

Julian Chow

Banker, UBS

My name is Elliot Chan, I am a student at CIS. I had a great experience with this tennis academy and I have significantly more confidence in doing tennis than before. I chose to engage banana tennis because I wanted to pick up another sport for leisure and fitness and your academy seemed good for that.

Before, I could not hit more than one ball in a row before and now I can hit way more. All in all, I would recommend this tennis academy to other people. 10/10.
Elliot Chan

Student, CIS

I truly enjoyed my time during trainings. The tennis sessions have extremely fun, lots of activities to do and always walked away from court learning something to develop my game.

I have been playing tennis recreationally in JC but I never knew how to play doubles tennis. Now, I’ve learnt so much about what to do and where to position on court as a tennis partner during a doubles tennis game. I feel confident now as a doubles tennis partner and look forward to play more doubles games.

I would definitely recommend Banana Tennis to others looking to learn the sport!



Super friendly and humorous coach, who taught me the way of tennis in a very systematic and progressive way  can’t wait for my next tennis lesson


Despite his young age, Banana Tennis’ Coach has been able to pinpoint my errors and correct my playing style. I see huge improvement in myself and tennis has never felt so much fun! Eric Ow

Membership Marketing, NTUC

Tennis is great! Joel (Banana Tennis Coach) is a great teacher. With him I learn all about tennis and how to play it while having lots of fun and laughing like never before. Lise Duflos

Student, Lycée Français de Singapour | Lycée French School

Banana Tennis Academy has made learning tennis enjoyable. Despite being in a group, the coach ensures that personalized advice is given to each member to help improve our techniques. Most importantly, Banana Tennis Academy is flexible in accommodating our busy schedule!


Highly recommend – my coach is great, ensuring he explains everything clearly, points out where I can improve and keeps the sessions varied and interesting. Have had both doubles and singles lessons, with a great mix of technical and practice. Always prompt and professional and adds in a bit of humour to keep things fun! Katherine Abram

I’m with Banana Tennis for about 3 months. The instructor is very friendly and experienced. At the end of every session, the instructor will point out my strength and weakness so that I can learn from my mistake and improve accordingly. I’m definitely having lots of fun during the classes and therefore will strongly recommend Banana Tennis to whoever want to pick up tennis or to someone who like to improve their tennis skills. Devon

Regional Company Secretary, Puma Energy

Coach Z is a great tennis instructor. He is methodical in his approach and is constantly working on fundamentals, which is essential for me as a beginner. I started out with no concept of techniques; after only 4 lessons, I’ve learnt the groundstroke techniques and see improvements after every lesson! Coach Z also manages to keep each session fun and non repetitive. He is ALWAYS punctual and patient. I highly recommend Banana Tennis to anyone looking to learn tennis! Amirah Iqbal

Actuarial Specialist

I’ve taken 4 pair classes with Coach J and have absolutely loved them! His understanding of technique and unique training program have been customized to my partner and my own levels of experience, helping us level up rapidly!
I had some experience in tennis but that was with more old school strokes. Now I’ve achieved more consistency and modernized some of my techniques which is great!
I would absolutely recommend Banana Tennis and in particular Coach J for an easy process, unparalleled coaching, and a fun time! Thank you to the team and I look forward to completing our next 12 class bundle!

Graduate Student

I’m Natalia and I work in the Law industry. I chose Banana Tennis as it had a strong social media presence and provided me with prompt service in signing me up for a group lesson. It was important that Banana Tennis helped me start immediately and yet retain some flexibility with the lessons as I’ll be in Singapore for a short period of time.

I started out as an absolute beginner but now I would say that I’m above beginner with a sound forehand and volley technique, maybe more practice before my backhand gets better with Banana Tennis. For anyone looking to learn tennis, I’d recommend Banana Tennis!


Law Industry

My name is Celestine and I work as a civil servant at Ministry of Manpower. I decided to engage Banana Tennis because I always had an interest to pursue tennis as a sport and Banana Tennis was one of the top searches when I was looking for an academy to learn.

Working with Banana Tennis was really enjoyable for me, I started out as a beginner and knew nothing about tennis before but I’ve learned all the different grips for forehand, backhand, volley and smash; it definitely brings up my hope of advancing to intermediate level soon as possible.

I would definitely recommend Banana Tennis to others who are willing to spend for professional tennis advice!


Civil Servant, Ministry of Manpower

I came across Banana Tennis while Googling for tennis lessons. With an intriguing name and informative website, it wasn’t hard to decide to give them a try!
Communication with Banana Tennis has been efficient, payment fuss free and scheduling flexible. Banana Tennis has been wonderful for my tennis development. I am now more confident, consistent, and intentional with my hitting. I would definitely recommend Banana Tennis to family and friends!

Educational Psychologist

I am currently working as a teacher at an international school. I chose to engage with Banana Tennis because of the name. My coach is very patient and I always enjoy my lessons. I feel like I made a huge progress with my tennis skills. And I’ll definitely recommend Banana Tennis!


Teacher, International School

I’m George and I’m working as a VP Corporate & Finance of an IT company. I Googled for a tennis coach and it brought me to Banana Tennis website which was relatively user-friendly and I decided to give it a try. Lessons with Banana Tennis were easy to arrange and we are very happy with our tennis coach; overall experience is very satisfying!

I used to be an absolute beginner and now I’m very happy to see that I can actually play at an advanced beginner level. My backhand used to be tragic at first but now I’ve improved and I’m enjoying the game even more. I would definitely recommend Banana Tennis to anyone!


VP Corporate & Finance, IT Industry

I am working in semiconductor industrial field. Currently many friends around me started to play tennis or enjoy playing the sport. This was maybe the reason why I also started to learn. My lessons with Banana Tennis have been very enjoyable thus far.

Even though I am a beginner, my coach has given me a deep understanding and strong motivation every single lesson. He also coached me on what are my exact weak points. At the beginning, I didn’t know what are my weaknesses but I realized them after going through a couple of times with coach.

My coach was able to make the lessons enjoyable and each lesson ended with me feeling more motivated and excited for the next!
If you are searching for someone to learn tennis from, I really recommend my coach and Banana Tennis to anyone interested in learning!

SJ Moon

Manager, Semiconductor Industry

Hi I’m Diana, I’m working as HR in the Electronics and Manufacturing industry.

I decided to engage Banana Tennis to brush up my skills for tennis and raise my NTRP level. The experience with Banana Tennis is good as they found me a group very promptly and the lessons were fun.

The period which I’ve joined Banana Tennis for tennis lessons is around 1 month and it’s too short to have a good gauge between previous and current skills but I do see myself improving under the coach provided by Banana Tennis.

Though I’ve been with Banana Tennis for a short period of time but I would recommend Banana Tennis to others.

Diana Lai

HR, ST Electronics

I had fun throughout my time and always left court feeling satisfied with my level of play and sweating out an intense workout.

I’ve heard good things about Banana tennis from friends and my curiosity was piqued when I checked out their Instagram page and decided to try a couple of classes for myself.

I’ve been a competitive player for a couple of years now and I used to have a sparring partner who I would hit regularly with but due to work we have been unable to play as often. With Coach J, I’ve been able to find someone to continue playing tennis at a high level and he has also helped design activities during sessions to help work around my shoulder injury, enabling me to perform consistently during our intense hitting sessions while keeping the risk of aggravating my injury low.

Absolutely 100% will recommend Banana Tennis! Coach J provides great advice and is always willing to share his thoughts on how I can improve my range of shots. Thanks to Coach J, I am now more confident with my newly improved tennis gameplay.



I have lived in Singapore since 2009 and am currently working as a engineer to develop future generation storage devices.

When I first started, I googled “Singapore Tennis Lesson” and found 3 candidates whose websites are fancy, tidy, and well organized. But only Banana Tennis replied to my enquiry promptly.

My experience with Banana Tennis has been good. Since I’ve only just started my first tennis lesson, I cannot make a fair comparison but overall, I’m satisfied. The curriculum is a little aggressive to catch up but Coach J was willing to listen to me carefully and tune it to fit my abilities.

Before Banana Tennis,Youtube was my teacher. However, on YouTube, the teacher never taught me what was wrong and how to fix it. However Coach J did it and I can already feel that my stroke and volley is much improved.

For sure I would recommend him, from beginner to intermediate level.



Hi I’m Venetia and I work as an Ops Analyst in the Banking Industry. I decided to engage Banana Tennis because I wanted to seek coaching advice to improve my gameplay. Banana Tennis’s website drew me to it because it looked fun and attractive.

The procedure of getting into a group lesson with Banana Tennis was really easy as they offered flexibility, availability, location and timing. I was probably slightly above beginner level who had trouble hitting a double backhand when I joined Banana Tennis but now I’m hitting with much more consistency thought the use of proper strokes, I would definitely recommend Banana Tennis to others!


Ops Analyst, Bank Industry

The coach is very patient. He is knowledgeable about tennis, and his experience is evident in the way he coaches. Whenever I had trouble grasping a concept, he would try various ways to help me understand better. It was a very enjoyable lesson. Jolene Siow

Account Manager, Disney

Having an avid interest in tennis for seven years, playing with all kinds of tennis groups, I came across Banana Tennis coaching team online and signed up. Within a short period of coaching with Banana Tennis, I have improved tremendously. Unlike the other tennis coaches I had in the past, the skills and techniques are more relatable to the modern and better aggressive style of tennis which are, while quite different from what I have learnt, better. The coaches are also friendly, helpful and approachable. Overall, I would recommend Banana Tennis coaching team to anyone who has an interest in tennis and hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Nigel Yeo

Student, Junior College

Banana Tennis paired me up with a great coach; he knows his stuff and give clear instructions that even I, who’s not that great in sports, could follow. I would recommend him to anyone keen to learn tennis, 5/5! Hanif


Banana Tennis got me a great coach! His dedication and passion drives me crazy for all the right reasons! I see my movements getting better, hitting the balls with more ease and most importantly I’m learning, sweating and enjoying at the same time! Neil Chua

Musician & Founder, Ruanatworkz Musical Arts

My Banana Tennis coach is fabulous! Takes us for singles and doubles coaching and is able to focus on each of our capabilities week on week. Thoroughly enjoy our lessons, fun yet can notice the improvements and he mixes things up so you don’t bore. Highly recommend Banana Tennis.

Shelley Low

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