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Find your tennis coach today! Our tennis coaches are located all around Singapore.They will work with you, men or women, to ensure that your needs are met. Each lesson is customized to suit the player’s learning pace and is focused on developing your skills and helping you improve as quickly as possible.

Certified and experienced instructors are essential to learning tennis, and ours are no different. They love the sport and are looking to impart their skills to anyone in Singapore who is willing to learn the sport of tennis.

Every coach has their own style of coaching and play. We will do our best to match you with the coach who best fits your playing profile so that you may have an enjoyable and comfortable learning experience.

Looking for a tennis coach here in Singapore? Look no further! We got the right Banana for you.

Experienced tennis coaches in Singapore are in demand, and we are happy to meet that. Our trainers are either certified locally or Internationally and have extensive experience in coaching students at different ages and skill levels. They also have coached groups and have seen students pick up the sport and become very proficient in it.

It doesn’t matter if you are a complete new or someone who has been in the game for a few years, looking to turn professional – we welcome everyone who wants to learn the amazing game of tennis.

These are our popular classes: Kids Tennis Lessons, Adults Tennis Lessons and Family Tennis Lessons.



I’m re-learning tennis and with Banana Tennis, I feel I am learning it with the right foundations. Our coach is very observant and vocal about how we are doing and notices every little detail. This helps us sharpen our senses and there is significant progress with every lesson. It’s also not based on a set lesson plan but customised according to our pace, with increasing levels of difficulty. It’s challenging but fun! The principles are taught strategically in a way that helps us remember the techniques and the reason behind them, and demands that we do every move correctly. I gave up on tennis before but with this round of lessons I feel I can actually get somewhere and learn to play consistently and with skill. It’s a difficult sport to learn especially in my old age haha so I’m glad I’m learning it with these guys.


Graphic Designer, ROHEI Corporation

Hi I’m Diana, I’m working as HR in the Electronics and Manufacturing industry.

I decided to engage Banana Tennis to brush up my skills for tennis and raise my NTRP level. The experience with Banana Tennis is good as they found me a group very promptly and the lessons were fun.

The period which I’ve joined Banana Tennis for tennis lessons is around 1 month and it’s too short to have a good gauge between previous and current skills but I do see myself improving under the coach provided by Banana Tennis.

Though I’ve been with Banana Tennis for a short period of time but I would recommend Banana Tennis to others.

Diana Lai

HR, ST Electronics

I am working in semiconductor industrial field. Currently many friends around me started to play tennis or enjoy playing the sport. This was maybe the reason why I also started to learn. My lessons with Banana Tennis have been very enjoyable thus far.

Even though I am a beginner, my coach has given me a deep understanding and strong motivation every single lesson. He also coached me on what are my exact weak points. At the beginning, I didn’t know what are my weaknesses but I realized them after going through a couple of times with coach.

My coach was able to make the lessons enjoyable and each lesson ended with me feeling more motivated and excited for the next!
If you are searching for someone to learn tennis from, I really recommend my coach and Banana Tennis to anyone interested in learning!

SJ Moon

Manager, Semiconductor Industry