One on One Personal Coaching

Still hitting, but never playing?

Private tennis lessons can be a great help! You’re on a court with friends, they’re hitting amazing backhands and forehands and topspins and have amazing swing and strokes. It comes to your turn, so you take your racquet and wait for the ball to come to you. You let fly, thinking you’ve blasted a shot worthy of an entry to the Australian Open – but the ball sails merrily towards the back wall. You stare in disappointment. Ouch!

One on one coaching

Private tennis in Singapore is expanding, and we are part of this new wave. We’ve all been there before. We know how disappointing it can be when you want to return a serve, but you end up swinging nothing but air. At Banana Tennis, our aim is to, well, improve yours. We’re here to save the day and coach you to know exactly what it takes to make a tennis champ. Personal coaching is the best way to achieve that. Each Banana tennis coach knows what it takes to help someone master the basics of tennis. Grip, footwork, volleys and serves – we will help you achieve that through our focused training drills and directed teaching methods. Group tennis lessons can help you achieve a general level of hitting and play, but coaching someone individually is best if you want to achieve a smooth and consistent game. Don’t worry – we’ll go easy on you! Our pro Bananas were all baby Bananas too, so they know what it takes to bring someone to a good level of play.

Focused & structured

One-on-one coaching in tennis is a good start. Focus, drills, footwork, consistency and stroke: these are just some of the things we will teach you in lessons to come. Each individual training session has a specific emphasis focused on improving your play: footwork, technical skills, serve, attacking skills and so on. We never overwhelm our fresh Bananas with a multitude of things to learn in one lesson. We want to make sure you get it right the first time, so we plan our lessons such that you become accustomed to a certain facet of tennis in one lesson, and improve on it in the next. Our coaches are happy to accommodate any requests that you may have. Simply let us know what you think requires attention and they will be happy to adjust the pace of the lesson to suit you. It will take more than one lesson to learn something, simply because that is how the human body works (unless you’re a very talented Banana, then we salute you!). However, by working with our dedicated coaches, we are sure to help you succeed.



I am currently working as a teacher at an international school. I chose to engage with Banana Tennis because of the name. My coach is very patient and I always enjoy my lessons. I feel like I made a huge progress with my tennis skills. And I’ll definitely recommend Banana Tennis!

Teacher, International School

My Banana Tennis coach is excellent with clear goals set out at the start of each lesson. I’m currently building on my singles game, each week my tennis is improving as a result. My coach overhauled my entire game and keeps things upbeat and interesting. Banana Tennis you rock!

Dane Branagh

I found out about Banana Tennis on Instagram and decided to give it a try after reading some positive reviews. Trainings have been fun and there’s something always new to learn from the coach. It has been a truly great experience!

I have been playing competitive tennis for awhile but I feel more confident with my tennis strokes now. I struggled a lot with inconsistency but in a couple sessions with Coach J, I’ve made some adjustments to my swing and am happy to see significant improvement in my consistency.
Would I recommend Banana Tennis to others? My answer is 2 thumbs up! ??


What is the duration of a private tennis lesson?

We recommend starting with a duration of 1 hour first and let the coach assess you. This really depends on your current standard, fitness level and court availability. Once the coach thinks you are alright to step up the duration, you can then proceed to book a tennis court for a 2 hour slot. (Even if you are doing a 1.5 hour lesson, you will have to book a 2 hour slot)

What are the benefits of private tennis class?

Private lessons gives you the best opportunity to refine your craft. This means it will be just you and the coach. One on one. Everything is focused on your improvement. You will get 100% of the coach’s attention; every drill, detail, pace, correction and exercise done during the lesson will have you as the basis and rationale.

For fastest improvement and growth, a private class is recommended

Where do you normally conduct tennis lessons at?

We can conduct tennis lessons all over Singapore. We just need you to grant us access to use the tennis court if you stay at a condo or a private tennis court. You could also choose a public tennis court near you and we will come down to conduct the lesson there. Regarding group tennis, our schedule of classes is constantly developing with our students, we unfortunately do not have a set schedule that we can post or send to you. Please contact us for the time schedule and to see if there is an opening in a suitable group for you.

Coaching Fees

Lessons  @ Public Tennis Courts / Condominiums

Coaching Fees
Individual: SGD320 for 4 hours

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