Ladies Lessons FAQs

Ladies Tennis Lessons FAQs

What is a good duration for a class?

For private or pair classes, 1 hour should be good enough, once you reach a standard where you can rally well and reaching to match play standard, we can look to up the duration to 1.5 or 2 hours.

For group classes, we recommend at least 2 hours. This way everyone will get ample practice time, attention for personal technique correction and some exercise all whilst not being too rushed.

What will I learn in the lessons?

For private sessions, the lesson will be tailored to fit just you, the coach will discuss with you what your goals are and priorities.

In a group we will proceed at a pace everyone is comfortable at, provide more advance tips to the faster learners and work to firm up the basics for everyone else. Modern tennis techniques will be taught and individual corrections will be given at appropriate timings to everyone.

Here is a simple list on what will be taught:

  • Forehand drive
  • Backhand drive
  • Volleys
  • Overhead Smash
  • Serve
  • Top Spin Forehand
  • Slice
  • Match Play
I'm interested! How do I sign up?

Fantastic! You can register through our website by filling up a simple Registration Form and someone will contact you shortly to firm up the details 🙂
You can also give us a call at +65 98315983 to immediately get in touch with us.

I can't find an answer to my question

Do take a look at our General FAQs page as well, if you still can’t find a suitable answer do help us improve to cater to everyone’s queries better. Use our Contact Us form to send us your inquiry. You can also give us a call at +65 98315983.