Serve, Swing, Smile

Be smart, start early!

Kids’ tennis lessons are important for your child’s early development. At Banana Tennis, we want to help your child grow and develop a good sporting sense and keep them active throughout their life. Studies have shown that keeping a child healthy and providing them a stimulating environment in their early years will bring great benefits to them later in life. Children have one advantage over us rusty, musty adults: they acquire skills and learn extremely quickly! Kicking your child’s development off by learning tennis is a great way to train them to develop quick, sharp reflexes and hand-eye coordination (Surgeons have great hand-eye coordination, and they are paid handsomely. Parents, take note). By imparting the lightning reflexes and thinking that playing tennis needs, your child will have a headstart in life and build a lifelong relationship with this great sport which has more than 150 years of history, which will help kids in Singapore develop great tennis skills.

Quick on the ball

Tennis as a sport has had a long and storied history. Historical records show that it traces its history to the 13th Century! It is a fast-paced sport that demands quick thinking from players in anticipating the ball’s behaviour, as well as coordinating their footwork on the court. Similar to other racquet-based games, it develops reflexes and hones a player’s motor skills, not to mention it being a fantastic workout. But it is also a sport that everyone can enjoy! Learning tennis does not have to be daunting, with Banana Tennis Academy’s kids tennis program, it can be as simple as picking up a racquet and learning how to serve and return serves. However, to actually master the serves and play an enjoyable game, this is where Banana Tennis can help your child achieve that satisfying pwock when hitting a tennis ball.

How can we help your child?

Tennis lessons for youths is one way of child development. Our extensive experience in tennis training helps us know what parents want their child to have early on in life. Learning tennis cultivates character and helps your child build a healthy lifestyle. We hire only trained and certified coaches to guide your child step-by-step. Our tennis instructors and Partners have extensive experience in coaching tennis and have played competitively in tournaments. They are trained in teaching techniques and are happy to work with parents to accommodate their children’s needs. Please let us know if your child requires any special attention so that we may better understand and structure their tennis lessons accordingly.


Choose Your Group Class (Kids)

Yio Chu Kang

Friday 5-6pm

Saturday 5-6pm


My son has been learning from Banana Tennis/Coach Z for the past two months. My son is 9 years old and this was his first serious effort to learn tennis. Right from the first class, he started enjoying the coaching imparted by Coach Z. The main reason was Coach Z’s attitude, easy demeanour and striking a rapport immediately with my son. While he stoops down to my child emotional level to bond with him, he also ensures that he gets the best out of my son and his assessment of my son’s game and capability is spot on.I have seen a marked difference when my son started out and his current level.

I have even increased my son coaching to twice a week from once a week due to the level of interest shown and he eagerly anticipates his training session. I would highly recommend Coach Z/Banana tennis to anyone inter



Dear Banana Tennis Academy,
Thanks for assigning a great coach to my son. The coach is able to motivate and inspire him. My son enjoys his lessons with him.
Before engaging the service Banana Tennis, my son was taking private tennis lessons with a freelance tennis coach. We didn’t see much improvement after a year and a half with the coach. As such, we decided to change the coach.
I contacted a few tennis schools and Banana Tennis was one of those that I called.  They were very responsive and managed to match a coach for my son within a short period of time.
My son has been training under Coach S for the past 3 months and I have seen great improvement.
Karin (Joel's mum)

I really enjoyed my time learning and improving my tennis at the same time. Every session was a fruitful and fun session! I chose to engage Banana Tennis because I was looking to improve my tennis game, chanced upon the website and decided to give it a shot.
Before, I was inconsistent with my groundstrokes and was poor with my court coverage. But now, with Coach J, I’ve learned how to move on court effectively and efficiently while improving the consistency of my groundstrokes.
I would absolutely recommend Banana Tennis to others!
Xin Ying















What is the age range for the kids class?

We are specially catering this category for children between 6 and 13 years old.

What will be taught in the lesson?

When coaching children, we start to introduce them to actual training, where they learn how to train. This is not just about tennis techniques and exercise, this is also about the mental aspect of what it means to come on to court to train proper. Of course fun is still an important portion of the lesson 🙂 Here they will be introduced to the lines on court, basic rules of tennis and fundamental tennis techniques:

  • Forehand drive
  • Backhand drive
  • Volleys
  • Serve
Coaching Fees

Lessons  @ Public Tennis Courts / Condominiums

Coaching Fees
Individual: SGD320 for 4 hours
Pair: SGD400 for 4 hours
Group: SGD160 for 4 hours/pax

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