Bananas, Fall In!

Calling all you social bananas out there

Group tennis lessons are calling out to you! If you ever felt you wanted to learn to play tennis, but felt that playing it alone was like taking a test in school all over again, then we have the perfect remedy for that. From our experience, group tennis lessons are very useful learning experiences because you get to learn from each other. In a group, players have differing skill levels, no matter how similar you may be, so you can observe and learn from players who are strong in certain areas. This is a form of closed-loop learning, where actions are positively reinforced or corrected by others’ actions. This makes it a really fun way to learn tennis together!

How many bananas will there be in a class?

Tennis group lessons have a maximum class size of 6 (4-6 people will be ideal). Have fun with other tennis players of similar skill level and sweat it out on court together! Our small class size makes it ideal for our coaches to be able to give you maximum attention and give you specific feedback in perfecting that forehand. Our tennis coaches have experience coaching all levels of players, so don’t worry if you have no experience in playing tennis – just come on down and we’ll take care of the rest.

What can group tennis lessons offer, and who can join them?

Group tennis lessons are a fun way to improve your game with friends! You can form a team with friends and come down to play tennis together, or send us a “I’m interested!” application and we’ll hook you up with players who match your skill level. Meet new friends through these sessions and network with like-minded individuals who share your passion for tennis and the outdoors.


Choose Your Group Class (Adults)

Choa Chu Kang

Monday 8-9pm

Saturday 9-10am


Wednesday 8-9pm

Saturday 9-10am

Farrer Park

Tuesday 7-8pm

Tuesday 8-9pm

Sunday 9-10am

Yio Chu Kang

Wednesday 8-9pm

Sunday 10-11am


Thursday 8-9pm

Thursday 9-10pm

Saturday 9-10am

Choose Your Group Class (Kids)

Yio Chu Kang

Friday 5-6pm

Saturday 5-6pm


I’ve taken 4 pair classes with Coach J and have absolutely loved them! His understanding of technique and unique training program have been customized to my partner and my own levels of experience, helping us level up rapidly!
I had some experience in tennis but that was with more old school strokes. Now I’ve achieved more consistency and modernized some of my techniques which is great!
I would absolutely recommend Banana Tennis and in particular Coach J for an easy process, unparalleled coaching, and a fun time! Thank you to the team and I look forward to completing our next 12 class bundle!

Graduate Student

I’m Henry and I work as a financial consultant in the insurance & finance industry. I came across Banana Tennis when I googled for tennis lessons as the process to sign up was easy and hassle-free, their replies to my queries were prompt too!

The experience with Banana Tennis were great as lessons were always punctual and individual attention was given required even though it was a group lesson. I started out new to the sport but now I’m able to play and rally with a few friends. In fact, I have already recommended a few of my friends to Banana Tennis and will definitely recommend others as well!


Financial Consultant, Prudential

My name is Karunakar and I work as a consultant in the IT industry. I’ve decided to engage Banana Tennis as their new concept of teaching tennis and allowing you to learn at your convenience and at your own pace by grouping people from similar locations together.

My experience working with the coach provided by Banana Tennis was awesome as his approach to coaching tennis for beginners all the way from basics such as holding the racquet and how to land a proper serve made our tennis learning journey much more smooth.

I’ve never played tennis before but now I can understand how it’s played and I can participate with friends who knows how to play tennis. I would definitely recommend Banana Tennis to anyone who wants to learn tennis!


Consultant, IT industry

What will be taught in the lesson?

When coaching children, we start to introduce them to actual training, where they learn how to train. This is not just about tennis techniques and exercise, this is also about the mental aspect of what it means to come on to court to train proper. Of course fun is still an important portion of the lesson 🙂 Here they will be introduced to the lines on court, basic rules of tennis and fundamental tennis techniques:

  • Forehand drive
  • Backhand drive
  • Volleys
  • Serve

When coaching adults, we can got straight to actual tennis training. Modern tennis techniques will be taught and individual corrections will be given at appropriate timings too everyone. Adults will be taught the basics and once they progress to a suitable standard, match play will be taught.

  • Forehand drive
  • Backhand drive
  • Volleys
  • Overhead Smash
  • Serve
  • Top Spin Forehand
  • Slice
  • Match Play
Where do you normally conduct tennis lessons at?

We can conduct tennis lessons all over Singapore. We just need you to grant us access to use the tennis court if you stay at a condo or a private tennis court. You could also choose a public tennis court near you and we will come down to conduct the lesson there.

Regarding group tennis, our schedule of classes is constantly developing with our students, we unfortunately do not have a set schedule that we can post or send to you. Please contact us for the time schedule and to see if there is an opening in a suitable group for you.

What do I have to bring for my tennis lesson?

Please bring the follow:

  • Sports Attire
  • Sports Shoes (non-marking), preferable tennis shoes as they are better suited for the surface of the court and the required tennis movements
  • Tennis Racket (let us know if you don’t have one and would like advice before purchasing your own, our coaches can bring a spare racket for you to use)
  • Water Bottle

Your tennis coach may advise you to buy other equipment if needed.

Coaching Fees

Lessons  @ Public Tennis Courts / Condominiums

Coaching Fees
Group: SGD160 for 4 hours/pax

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