Group Lessons FAQs

Group Tennis Lessons FAQs

What will I learn in a group class setting?

We love groups! Bananas group together =)

In our group sessions, social learning is a major factor. Some will learn faster than others and it gives the slower growing bananas to observe how their fellow bananas perform the technique and gain more than the coach’s perspective of the shot.

On our part, we will provide personalized corrections and tempo for each and every banana in the bunch. So do not worry! Come here in a bunch and have a ball of a time, hit some furry yellow balls and have a fun time exercising with your fellow bananas.

Here is a list of basic techniques that will be taught in the group sessions:

  • Forehand drive
  • Backhand drive
  • Volleys
  • Overhead Smash
  • Serve
  • Top Spin Forehand
  • Slice
  • Match Play
What would be a good duration for a group lesson?

We recommend a session of at least 1.5 to 2 hours. This is to ensure you get enough court time to make mistakes, learn and improve. 1 hour for a group session is really too short as you will not get many chances to hit the ball and practice.

I'm interested! How do I sign up?

Fantastic! You can register through our website by filling up a simple Registration Form and someone will contact you shortly to firm up the details 🙂
You can also give us a call at +65 98315983 to immediately get in touch with us.

I can't find an answer to my question

Do take a look at our General FAQs page as well, if you still can’t find a suitable answer do help us improve to cater to everyone’s queries better. Use our Contact Us form to send us your inquiry. You can also give us a call at +65 98315983.