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Need an engaging and professionally conducted sports element in your itinerary for your event? Banana Tennis Academy can help cater to your needs!

We can tailor a program specifically to fit your needs and deliver a session that your audience will sure to enjoy.

We can conduct an introductory tennis clinic to give both kids and adults a hands-on feel of tennis;

  • Basic Volleys
  • Forehand Drive
  • Backhand Drive
  • Overhead Serve

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The Banana Tennis team are amongst the most passionate and competent in the field: the approach is based on a holistic assessment of the student in order to apply a tailor made training schedule for the student. I enjoy and greatly benefitted from Banana Tennis’ tuition, and can recommend their service to individuals and groups of students.

Thomas Sigemund

Managing Director , UBS



(NTRP Rating 1-2.5)

Players at this level may sustain a slow paced rally at the back court. However, they have limited experience and they tends to struggle to find their contact point. Emphasis for this group will be on stroke development and getting the ball into play.


(NTRP Rating 2.5-4)

Players at this level are able to rally from the baseline and recognise opportunities to finish points. They are fairly consistent when hitting medium paced shots. However, players may lack depth, directional control and court awareness.


(NTRP Rating 4.5-5.5)

Players at this level are able to vary the use of pace and spin, effective court coverage and has good depth control. Players can also develop game plans according to their strengths and weaknesses. However, the challenges at this level are more mental than technical. For reference, a World Class level is playing at NTRP Rating 6-7.

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