Progressive, Fun & Patient Coaching

Go Bananas!

Beginner tennis lessons will be of great help to people who need to start somewhere when picking up tennis for the first time. You might be someone who has never held a racquet in your life, or you may be living in your retired years, wondering what to do next aside from feeding the dog and doing the gardening at home that has been piling up. Learn Tennis in Singapore today!

We want to show that anyone can pick up a racquet and learn to return serves as early as the first lesson. It is not at all difficult or daunting in the least. We are sure that you will enjoy the game as much as our experienced tennis coaches.

Step by step learning makes a happy Banana

Tennis lessons for beginners are easy! Don’t let nerves or your worries stop you from learning how to play one of the oldest games in existence! As some of our coaches can attest, they were young Bananas once, and had to work through personal challenges to get where they are today. We start by helping you learn the right grip on the racquet. This is one of the most important skills you must learn as a tennis player, and one that will stay with you for life. Then we will help you learn proper footwork and hitting techniques. We don’t go all bananas on you at once!

Progressive tennis coaching

Tennis lessons for beginners are structured progressively and at a pace suited for you. We encourage you to take up multiple lessons so that you can learn the proper strokes and swings needed for consistent play. You won’t be able to play in a doubles match just yet, but you will be able to return serves with a hitting partner in no time – and that’s a great way to burn extra calories too!

As beginners learn how to anticipate and spot the movement of the ball, they automatically move their feet and hit the ball back to their partner. We train using a whole-of-body approach, and not simply hit balls to you where you stand. We believe that is a more holistic approach to coaching tennis, and it helps you learn more in a shorter time frame.

As our fresh Bananas start to acquire more skills, we will then begin to tweak your style, making sure you are correctly positioned. Once you have mastered the basic skills, we will move on to teaching advanced strokes like the heavy topspin and slice, to make your gameplay even smoother, all the while being taught by our experienced tennis coaches.



I am currently a student studying at NUS. Being someone who wasn’t sporty to begin with, I wanted to stretch myself and learn a new sport! That was probably how I derived the motivation to learn tennis. I chose tennis because I enjoy watching tennis matches!

Overall, my lessons with Banana Tennis have been very enjoyable! On top of being highly adept at tennis, my coach has a deep understanding of the different learning styles and was able to tailor his lessons to best fit mine! Moreover, whenever we are seemingly met with an impasse, the coach was patient and would keep trying out different approaches to facilitate my learning. Most importantly, my coach was able to make the lessons enjoyable and each lesson ended with me feeling more motivated and excited for the next!
I started out as a complete novice but having been through several lessons with Banana Tennis, I was able to see some real progress. I am now more confident and motivated to continue pursuing my interest in tennis!
I would definitely recommend Coach J/Banana Tennis to anyone interested in learning tennis!

Wei Ze

Medical Student, NUS

I work as an internal auditor in the banking sector. I was looking for tennis lessons and Banan Tennis was one of the hits when I googled. They looked quite good so I decided to try engaging them, which turns out to be simple and fuss-free process without much administrative work. Best of all, their responses were quick.

I started as a beginner before but can now strike better with the correct techniques and footwork after learning with Banana Tennis. I would definitely recommend them to people who want to learn tennis as they provide a simple process to bring easy-going and flexible coaches to you!


Internal Auditor, Banking Sector

I’m Natalia and I work in the Law industry. I chose Banana Tennis as it had a strong social media presence and provided me with prompt service in signing me up for a group lesson. It was important that Banana Tennis helped me start immediately and yet retain some flexibility with the lessons as I’ll be in Singapore for a short period of time.

I started out as an absolute beginner but now I would say that I’m above beginner with a sound forehand and volley technique, maybe more practice before my backhand gets better with Banana Tennis. For anyone looking to learn tennis, I’d recommend Banana Tennis!


Law Industry

What will be taught in the lesson?

When coaching children, we start to introduce them to actual training, where they learn how to train. This is not just about tennis techniques and exercise, this is also about the mental aspect of what it means to come on to court to train proper. Of course fun is still an important portion of the lesson 🙂

Here they will be introduced to the lines on court, basic rules of tennis and fundamental tennis techniques:

  • Forehand drive
  • Backhand drive
  • Volleys
  • Serve

When coaching adults, we can got straight to actual tennis training. Modern tennis techniques will be taught and individual corrections will be given at appropriate timings too everyone.

Adults will be taught the basics and once they progress to a suitable standard, match play will be taught.

  • Forehand drive
  • Backhand drive
  • Volleys
  • Overhead Smash
  • Serve
  • Top Spin Forehand
  • Slice
  • Match Play
Where do you normally conduct tennis lessons at?

We can conduct tennis lessons all over Singapore. We just need you to grant us access to use the tennis court if you stay at a condo or a private tennis court.
You could also choose a public tennis court near you and we will come down to conduct the lesson there.

Regarding group tennis, our schedule of classes is constantly developing with our students, we unfortunately do not have a set schedule that we can post or send to you. Please contact us for the time schedule and to see if there is an opening in a suitable group for you.

What do I have to bring for my tennis lesson?

Please bring the follow:

  • Sports Attire
  • Sports Shoes (non-marking), preferable tennis shoes as they are better suited for the surface of the court and the required tennis movements
  • Tennis Racket (let us know if you don’t have one and would like advice before purchasing your own, our coaches can bring a spare racket for you to use)
  • Water Bottle

Your tennis coach may advise you to buy other equipment if needed.

Coaching Fees

Lessons  @ Public Tennis Courts / Condominiums
1 Month = 4 Sessions
Duration: 60mins

Coaching Fees
Individual: SGD320 for 4 hours
Pair: SGD400 for 4 hours
Group: SGD160 for 4 hours/pax

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