Smack That Little Green Ball

Unwind and Relax

We all need to chill. Seriously chill. So why not do it in a fun and enjoyable manner? Kick off those musty work clothes and put on a t-shirt and shorts – your game of tennis awaits.

As adults, we have responsibilities to ourselves, our company and most importantly our families. It gets tough, we know. Instead of pigging out in front of the TV after a long day, think about grabbing a racquet, heading down to your nearest tennis court and have a blast. After all, isn’t life about having fun?

Work-life balance

Tennis coaching for adult Singaporeans is a great way to destress. Work can be tiring and stressful. We know – bringing tennis to the masses can be tough work sometimes! But we never lose sight of our goal, which is to help people maintain their work-life balance despite their sometimes stressful and hectic lives. Research and numerous studies have proven definitively that maintaining a healthy balance between our working lives and recreation is key to stress management. It has also been proven that human productivity increases if one works out regularly. Exercise invigorates the body and sharpens the mind. It’s the same as studying – you want to take breaks in between long bouts of studying, and work is no different. Have a break – but don’t eat chocolates. Play tennis!


Adult tennis classes are a great way for yourself and a partner to loosen up after a long day.  But it would be more fun to have a bunch of like-minded individuals play along with you! Tennis is equally fun as a solitary sport or a group one. Playing together with people from different backgrounds helps you network and build up friendships through team play and coordination. We know – we’ve seen friendships forged through our group tennis sessions! A single banana is a sad banana.

Our Banana coaches will ensure that you will improve skills, fitness and have great fun. You can have your tennis lesson anywhere in Singapore at your preferred time. Learn now =)



I’m currently working in the Capital Market Industry as a finance and compliance officer. I decided to engage Banana Tennis to learn a new sport and it has been very helpful. The coach made the lessons easy to understand the basic skills required and I feel that my basic tennis skill has improved from prior to taking classes. I will definitely introduce my friends who want to start tennis to Banana Tennis!
Chris Youm

Vice President, L Catterton Asia

I’m George and I’m working as a VP Corporate & Finance of an IT company. I Googled for a tennis coach and it brought me to Banana Tennis website which was relatively user-friendly and I decided to give it a try. Lessons with Banana Tennis were easy to arrange and we are very happy with our tennis coach; overall experience is very satisfying!

I used to be an absolute beginner and now I’m very happy to see that I can actually play at an advanced beginner level. My backhand used to be tragic at first but now I’ve improved and I’m enjoying the game even more. I would definitely recommend Banana Tennis to anyone!


VP Corporate & Finance, IT Industry

Hi I’m Venetia and I work as an Ops Analyst in the Banking Industry. I decided to engage Banana Tennis because I wanted to seek coaching advice to improve my gameplay. Banana Tennis’s website drew me to it because it looked fun and attractive.

The procedure of getting into a group lesson with Banana Tennis was really easy as they offered flexibility, availability, location and timing. I was probably slightly above beginner level who had trouble hitting a double backhand when I joined Banana Tennis but now I’m hitting with much more consistency thought the use of proper strokes, I would definitely recommend Banana Tennis to others!


Ops Analyst, Bank Industry

What will be taught in the lesson?

When coaching adults, we can get straight to actual tennis training. Modern tennis techniques will be taught and individual corrections will be given at appropriate timings too everyone. Adults will be taught the basics and once they progress to a suitable standard; more advance techniques and match play will be taught.

  • Forehand drive
  • Backhand drive
  • Volleys
  • Overhead Smash
  • Serve
  • Top Spin Forehand
  • Slice
  • Match Play
Where do you normally conduct tennis lessons at?

We can conduct tennis lessons all over Singapore. We just need you to grant us access to use the tennis court if you stay at a condo or a private tennis court. You could also choose a public tennis court near you and we will come down to conduct the lesson there.

Regarding group tennis, our schedule of classes is constantly developing with our students, we unfortunately do not have a set schedule that we can post or send to you. Please contact us for the time schedule and to see if there is an opening in a suitable group for you.

What do I have to bring for my tennis lesson?

Please bring the follow:

  • Sports Attire
  • Sports Shoes (non-marking), preferable tennis shoes as they are better suited for the surface of the court and the required tennis movements
  • Tennis Racket (let us know if you don’t have one and would like advice before purchasing your own, our coaches can bring a spare racket for you to use)
  • Water Bottle

Your tennis coach may advise you to buy other equipment if needed.

Coaching Fees

Lessons  @ Public Tennis Courts / Condominiums
1 Month = 4 Sessions
Duration: 60mins

Coaching Fees
Individual: SGD320 for 4 hours
Pair: SGD400 for 4 hours
Group: SGD160 for 4 hours/pax

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