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Welcome to Banana Tennis Academy! Tennis lessons in Singapore are growing in popularity, being played by hundreds and thousands of people looking to get fit. Don’t simply run endless rounds around the running track to get in shape – pick up a new sport where age doesn’t matter! But you’ve got to start somewhere, and our Banana coaches know just how you can do it. We strive to provide a customized tennis lesson to each of our clients, so that they are getting the best out of their training with us. Tennis lessons have never been more fun with Banana Tennis! A happy student is the sign of success for us bananas!

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Why Learn Tennis with Banana Tennis?

Tailored Instructions

Our highly experienced coaches are on hand to deliver tailored instructions to our students! We make sure you know what you’re getting in for, and we work with you to decide your skill level. Because we don’t want you to go bananas.

Flexible Scheduling

We’ll go bananas for you! Let us know what your schedule is and we can work something out with you. People have different schedules and we want to make sure you have sufficient time for tennis.

Bananas Anywhere!

Play at any Tennis Court in Singapore! Our Bananas are everywhere. Choose from a wide range of locations in Singapore to learn from Banana Tennis! From Pasir Ris to Choa Chu Kang, we have you covered. Not in banana peel of course.

Certified Banana!

Of course we are all Certified Tennis Coaches! Each of our Banana coach has at least one accreditation from; an international tennis body or a local tennis certification. They have had experience in coaching students using step-by-step methodology. We don’t sell bad bananas!

Hear What Other Students Have To Say About Us

“The coach is very patient. He is knowledgeable about tennis, and his experience is evident in the way he coaches. Whenever I had trouble grasping a concept, he would try various ways to help me understand better. It was a very enjoyable lesson.”

Jolene Siow, Account Manager, Disney

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“Had my first official tennis lesson with Banana Tennis Academy today. Banana’s coach came with five dozen balls and rackets so that was a plus. Coach was informative and helpful on how I could overcome my tendacies to use a table tennis stroke through the follow through. Will book again for more lessons!”

Kelvin Leong, Financial Consultant, Finexis Advisory

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“The Banana Tennis team are amongst the most passionate and competent in the field: the approach is based on a holistic assessment of the student in order to apply a tailor made training schedule for the student. I enjoy and greatly benefited from Banana Tennis’ tuition, and can recommend their service to individuals and groups of students.”

Thomas Siegmund, Managing Director, UBS

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“Great lesson! I really had a good hit 🙂 Will definitely recommend the coaches and have more lessons!”

Benjamin Samuel Lim, Army Regular, SAF

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“I am working in semiconductor industrial field. Currently many friends around me started to play tennis or enjoy playing the sport. This was maybe the reason why I also started to learn. My lessons with Banana Tennis have been very enjoyable thus far. Even though I am a beginner, my coach has given me a deep understanding and strong motivation every single lesson. He also coached me on what are my exact weak points. At the beginning, I didn’t know what are my weaknesses but I realized them after going through a couple of times with coach. My coach was able to make the lessons enjoyable and each lesson ended with me feeling more motivated and excited for the next! If you are searching for someone to learn tennis from, I really recommend my coach and Banana Tennis to anyone interested in learning!”

SJ Moon,Manager

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“Despite his young age, Banana Tennis’ Coach has been able to pinpoint my errors and correct my playing style. I see huge improvement in myself and tennis has never felt so much fun!”

Eric Ow, Membership Marketing, NTUC

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“The coach was very patient and professional during the lesson! The lesson was fun and interactive too.”

Jing Yun, Student , NTU

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“Banana Tennis paired me up with a great coach; he knows his stuff and give clear instructions that even I, who’s not that great in sports, could follow. I would recommend him to anyone keen to learn tennis, 5/5!”

Hanif, NSF , SAF

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“I am very happy that the team from Banana Tennis quickly identified my weak points and have been consistently working with me to fix them. Great drills and game play tips. Recommended.”

Julian Chow, Banker, UBS

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“Having an avid interest in tennis for seven years, playing with all kinds of tennis groups, I came across Banana Tennis coaching team online and signed up. Within a short period of coaching with Banana Tennis, I have improved tremendously. Unlike the other tennis coaches I had in the past, the skills and techniques are more relatable to the modern and better aggressive style of tennis which are, while quite different from what I have learnt, better. The coaches are also friendly, helpful and approachable. Overall, I would recommend Banana Tennis coaching team to anyone who has an interest in tennis and hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.”

Nigel Yeo, Student, Junior College

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“Banana Tennis got me a great coach! His dedication and passion drives me crazy for all the right reasons! I see my movements getting better, hitting the balls with more ease and most importantly I’m learning, sweating and enjoying at the same time!”

Neil Chua, Musician & Founder, Ruanatworkz Musical Arts

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“Tennis is great! Joel (Banana Tennis Coach) is a great teacher. With him I learn all about tennis and how to play it while having lots of fun and laughing like never before.”

Lise Duflos, Student , Lycée Français de Singapour | Lycée French School

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“I love tennis! I have a great teacher. With the coach I learned lots of things about tennis.”

Eva Duflos, Student , Lycée Français de Singapour | Lycée French School

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